A calf with large eyes
is standing one morning down by
the shore to drink.
The old sea-maps show another shore.
The calf does not know that.

Its eyes wide-open, it drinks
and as always by still water
the calf is met by another calf
from beneath the water.
And their eyes and their muzzles
drink out of the same hand.

Lennart Sjögren

Martin Martinček, Liptovská dedina v marcovom daždi, 1970 - 1972

Martin Martinček, Ráno

Ferdinand Bučina, Hokej na Čertovce, Praha

Georgij Anatol’ewitsch Sel’ma, Athlets in Uzbekistan, 1927

Marcel Bovis, Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris, 1954

Bill Schwab, Late February Thaw, Bell Isle, Detroit, Michigan, 1997

Denise Bellon, Pont Neuf, Paris, at Night, 1930s

Takeichi Hotta, Fall, 1958

Mario DiGirolamo, Entering the Eternal City, Rome, 1958

(thanks to doegewooniets)