Josef Koudelka, Czechoslovakia, Jarabina, Gypsies, 1963

Cristina Garcia Rodero, In the fresh air, Escobar, Spain, 1988

André Kertész, Quartet, 1930

Wislawa Szymborska: Utopia

Island where all becomes clear.

Solid ground beneath your feet.

The only roads are those that offer access.

Bushes bend beneath the weight of proofs.

The Tree of Valid Supposition grows here
with branches disentangled since time immemorial.

The Tree of Understanding, dazzlingly straight and simple,
sprouts by the spring called Now I Get It.

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André Kertész, Clock of the Académie Française, Paris, 1932

Atín Aya, Escultor imaginero en su taller del barrio de Triana, 1991

Lucien Hervé, Les toits de Paris, 1952

Lucien Hervé, Le Corbusier, Façade of the Secretariat  Building, Chandigarh, 1961

Nicolas Guilbert, Abbaye de Montmajour, 2011

Minor White, Road and Poplar Trees, 1955